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Climbing for Life is a double annual event for cyclists in the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Europe. In 2022, Climbing for Life goes to France and Italy and climbs the most majestic passes of the Alps and Dolomites with thousands of other Belgians. Would you rather leave your bike behind? That’s fine. For walkers and runners, we picked out the most beautiful trails in the region.

This unique and inspiring double event is dedicated to charity. By participating in Climbing for Life Valloire-Galibier (16-18 June 2022), you support the fight against diabetes. Participants in Climbing for Life Dolomiti Alta Badia, (8-10 September 2022) will contribute to the fight against lung diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD and Long Covid.

Be sure to meet our fantastic Climbing for Life ambassadors in the Alps and Dolomites. Despite suffering from diabetes or lung disease, they show us year after year that they are capable of great sporting feats. Regular exercise and sport are essential for everyone’s physical and mental well-being. This is the message that Climbing for Life wants to spread.

The traditional Climbing for Life pasta party on the last day is an ideal moment to bond with our ambassadors and all the other participants, share inspiring stories and a wonderful way to end your three-day heroic sporting event.

Are you looking forward to it?

Climbing for Life is more than only climbing the mountain by bike.
It’s about pushing the limits, overcoming obstacles, reaching the top together.

That unique group feeling. That’s the spirit of Climbing for Life!

Do you share this purpose?

Aftermovie Climbing for Life – Valloire – Col du Galibier 2022

This experience includes :

Climbing for Life exclusive cycling jersey or running shirt
Climbing for Life buff
Organised tours on Friday and Saturday
Supply of water, sports drinks and snacks on the route or at the finish
Participation pack
Technical assistance
Medical service
Pasta party
After party with DJ

Practical information


The good cause

By participating in Climbing for Life, you too support the organisations that provide the best care and support for everyone with diabetes or a lung disease.

Climbing for Life Valloire - Galibier draws attention to the fight against diabetes.

Through Climbing for Life Valloire-Gallibier, we want to raise awareness of diabetes and show that sport achievements are perfectly feasible for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, taking into account that the necessary medical follow-up is in place. We also want to draw attention to the preventive power of exercise for people at increased risk of type 2 diabetes. After all, exercise is an essential pillar of diabetes treatment and prevention!

Team Climbing for Life

As in previous years, a group of ambassadors with a (high) risk of diabetes will participate in Climbing for Life by bike. They will be supported by a medical team and Energy Lab for 6 months. They will represent the Diabetes Liga, raise funds for diabetes and want to inspire others with their story.

Climbing for Life Dolomiti Alta Badia is dedicated to lung disease

Through Climbing for Life Dolomiti Alta Badia, we are participating in the awareness campaign for asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, Long COVID and other lung diseases. We strive to raise awareness of appropriate and timely treatments and the importance of exercise to improve breathing, among other things.

Team Climbing for Life (Team Asem)

As in previous years, a group of ambassadors with lung diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, Long COVID or COPD will participate in Climbing For Life. They will be supported by a medical team and Energy Lab for 6 months. They represent all people affected by lung diseases, raise funds for asthma/cystic fibrosis and want to inspire others with their story.


Kortweg Cycling Travel is the official travel partner of Climbing for Life.
Via Kortweg, groups as well as individual participants can book packages (with bike transport and accommodation).

Prepare as best as you can with Energy Lab

If you are aiming for a personal top time or if you want to work towards D-Day without injury through a correct training build-up, your preparation starts here.

Climbing for Life offers you, in collaboration with Energy Lab, everything you need to ride, run or hike a perfect Climbing for Life. From a DEXA scan and Start 2 Run schedules to a fitness test with a tailor-made preparatory programme.

Energy Lab is the reference in the field of training guidance. Both recreational and competitive athletes could already visit the labs in Leuven, Paal-Beringen, Ghent and Rotterdam for a fitness test, extensive training advice and a tailor-made training schedule.

Running fitness test

It’s not just top athletes who need a supported training schedule.

As a recreational athlete, you can also achieve your goal more easily and efficiently with a customised schedule.

With this running test we map your current fitness and you reach your goals.

Cycling Fitness test

Before you start preparing for Climbing for Life, your condition and fitness will be extensively tested by the Energy Lab coaches. After these tests, you can immediately start working with the 12-week training schedule that we will compile for you. The schedule is fully tailored to your personal agenda and your (first) sporting goal for 2022. Tests that are included:

  • Cycling fitness test
  • Measurement of your maximum oxygen intake capacity (VO2 Max)
  • Analysis of the body composition (DXA-scan)


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